Yuvraj Singh Back In The Team Only Because Dhoni Isn't The Captain Anymore: Yograj Singh

11 January, 2017 at 18:58 | by Shivraj Jadhav

Yuvraj Singh getting back his place in the Indian cricket team isn’t news anymore. If anything is news, it is what Yograj Singh, the father of Yuvraj Singh, thinks about this selection. When the rest of the nation is pouring all their love on MSD, Yograj has chosen to stay grumpy about the former Indian skipper asserting that if anything was the moving force behind Yuvraj’s selection in the team, it was the fact that Dhoni is no longer leading the Indian side.

Last week, Mahendra Singh Dhoni announced that he was stepping down as the captain of the Indian cricket team for the limited overs format of the game.

And last week itself, the national selectors decided that it was time for Yuvraj to be back in the ODI team after more than three years.

One of the most probable reasons behind this selection is Yuvraj’s excellent performance in the Ranji trophy.

However, Yograj Singh has other views. While talking to Maharashtra Times, he asserted that the only reason Yuvraj was back in the team was because Dhoni isn’t the captain anymore.

Yograj has always been bitterly critical of Dhoni. In 2015, he went on a furious rant against ‘Captain Cool’ for excluding Yuvraj from the world cup squad of that year.

Despite this fact, Yuvraj has always spoken well of Dhoni and has said that he enjoys playing under his captaincy.

Dhoni on the other hand, has always maintained a stoic silence over this topic.

There is no way to know how true Yograj’s allegations are, and even if they are, we hope Yuvraj wouldn’t let that affect his chemistry with Dhoni on the field. In games where teams are involved, that kind of grudge can be disastrous.. 

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