Virat Kohli Has Adopted 15 Homeless Dogs And We Are Proud Of Him

19 April, 2017 at 16:48 | by Sonal Dixit

We've seen our Captain being accompanied by pooches- on the field, off the field and even in the gyms. But why is it that we're talking about Virat and dogs, all of a sudden? Read below...

Virat's visit to CARE Dogs shelter, Bengaluru

In a recent development, the captain of the Indian Cricket Team and the heartthrob of the nation- Kohli adopted 15 homeless dogs with special needs in Bengaluru. Virat was seen in an animal shelter called- CARE, that stands for Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre. His visit came as a surprise to everyone there.

Adopted dogs that are ill, blind or paraplegic

Kohli adopted dogs that were either chronically ill, blind or paraplegic (according to the staff members of CARE). In short, he adopted dogs with special needs, who wouldn't have been adopted by other people. 

What was supposed to last for 10-15 mins lasted for an hour, said the founder of CARE

Sudha Narayan, founder of CARE said, "Two of our youngest volunteers brought him to the centre. What was supposed to be a 10-15 minute visit lasted nearly an hour. We were surprised by the interest and initiative taken by one of the world's busiest celebrities, as he took so much time out and asked us pertinent questions about adoption and our processes."

Kohli never fails to amaze us. He is one amazing human being. *heart eyed*

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