Here's The Story Behing Washington Sundar's Unique Name

18 May, 2017 at 16:17 | by Chaitra Saxena

Washington Sundar, the 17-year-old hurricane is killing it on the field in IPL10 and is clearly one of the most talented discoveries of the season. While the young man was busy pulling a storm on the field for his team Rising Pune Giants with his kills, one more thing about him was getting him all the attention and that is his unusual name. So, was he named Washington?

Washington Sundar's father recently opened in an interview about the story behind his son's name. Washington Sundar is named after his father's Godfather. Following is the story he shared.

Washington Sundar has been named after P.D. Washington, his father's Godfather

“I am a Hindu and come from a very humble family. Two streets away from my home in Triplicane lived an ex-army man called P.D. Washington. Washington was extremely fond of cricket and would come to watch us play at the Marina ground. He took a liking for my game." 

“I was poor and he would buy uniform for me, pay my school fee, get me books, take me to the ground in his cycle and constantly encourage me,” M. Sundar said.

"Washington Jr"

Mr. P.D Washington passed away in the year 1999, and that is the year Washington Sundar was born and he was named "Washington". Mr. M. Sundar says, that had he had another son he would have named him "Washington Jr.", such was his love for the man who took of him.

He was informally named "Srinivasan"

He also mentioned that the situation was very difficult when he was born. The delivery was tough and they were more than thankful that the kid survived. In his words, “My wife had a difficult delivery. But the baby survived. As per the Hindu custom, I whispered a God’s name, ‘Srinivasan,’ in his ear. But I decided to name him Washington in memory of the man who had done so much for me,” revealed Washington’s father.

Rising Pune Supergiants are in the finals of the IPL 10 now and a part of the credit goes to this young man who has taken 8 wickets in 10 matches. We are hoping for a spectacular performance from him and the finals and believe that he will live up the name he has been given.

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