Times Of India Has Given A Perfect Reply To New York Times' 3-Year-Old Jibe

17 February, 2017 at 16:36 | by Chaitra Saxena

In 2014, New York Times had released a cartoon when India had launched the Mangalyaan. Indians didn't like the satire in it and the tabloid even apologised for the cartoon but the damage had been done and it's like we Indians were waiting to give a reply. And here it is.

On February 15th, ISRO launched a record 104 satellites using a single rocket and since then each and every Indian has put on at least 10 kgs because of the pride. Every technologically capable country in the world has now noticed India and has been going gaga over the genius of the Indian brains.

2014 New York Times Cartoon

Back in 2014, New York Times had tried to make fun of India, when it successfully launched the Mangalyaan Satellite to Mars. This is the cartoon they had printed.

'Hello NY Times', says our cow

ISRO's current success has brought in the right time to burn the people who had sneered at us in the past and that's exactly what TOI’s Chief Cartoonist Sandeep Adhwaryu did. He made this.

As usual, Tweeple are the happiest

I think now is the time when the world should start thinking twice before they take a dig at Indians and their cows. Agree?

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