This Mumbai Couple Had To Apologise For Hugging In Public

18 March, 2017 at 13:24 | by Chaitra Saxena

A couple in Mumbai were living their most romantic dream when their bubble was burst by the harsh reality of moral policing. All they had done was hugged in public and someone recorded and uploaded their video online. The age of technology has sadly become the age of no privacy.

A Muslim couple from Bhiwandi got into trouble when one of their romantic moments was recorded and posted online. Some leaders of their community got furious so much so that the couple had to apologise for what they did. A few religious groups have also warned them that they will be punished in public. 

'It's unethical of some people to react in this way'

Reports suggest that the couple has since left the city for their safety and are in trauma because of what happened. The girl's father has expressed his anger by saying, "We are upset. My daughter has threatened to commit suicide if the harassment does not stop."  The woman's father told TOI, "It's unethical of some people to react in this way over a silly mistake."

So, what actually happened?

On March 11th, the boy (name not revealed), visited the girl in her college and got on his knees to propose her with a rose. The girl accepted the proposal and they parted ways after giving each other a tight hug. All was well till next day, when they realised that their romantic moment had been captured in a video and uploaded online.

This video was accompanied with a message which demanded that everyone in the video should be punished because whatever happened is against their religion. Shakeel Raza, secretary, Raza Academy said, "We only made the couple realise their mistake and asked them to apologise for whatever they did publicly."

Fed up of the harassment, the girl's family has filed an FIR in Thane and the police have promised them strict action against people who have threatened the couple as well as their families.

Wow, what has our society come to? Don't we have some space for love and privacy?

Source: Times of India

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