This Irish Woman's Rant Will Make You Believe That Racism Is Spreading Faster Than We Would Like

20 April, 2017 at 12:22 | by Chaitra Saxena

Racism has become the new face of our wars. It's agreed that we have had racist wars in the past as well but the current scenario is different as it has penetrated our daily lives. It's getting scary. If you don't think so, check out this Irish woman's rant on a Limerick train and you will know.

The video was originally posted on Twitter and since then, many people have expressed their horror at the lady's behavior. Even Irish Rail has condemned her behaviour and has said that they strongly criticise racism and do not allow it on their premises.

A spokesperson of Irish rail said this

"People should be able to travel on our services without abuse of any kind," he said.

"The footage is very clear and very shocking and we welcome the fact that another member of the public was able to assist in identifying the person involved," he added.

Reportedly, the woman started yelling because an Indian passenger had his bag on the seat. Check out this video and see how abusive she gets with her words.

Racism is every bad behavior that one person shows to another based on his/her colour and creed and some Indians are also guilty of it. It's high time that we all learn that what goes around, comes around and build some respect for each other.

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