Ladies, Gods Have Finally Answered Our Prayers! Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Spotted Shirtless!

8 August, 2016 at 13:52 | by Soumya Malik

Trudeau was photographed with a surfing board in hand, taking a break from surfing and simultaneously photo-bombing a couple getting married on the beach. 

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau somehow manages to be in the news and every time he creates a stir in the social media. And we thank God every single time. This time, he was photographed by a wedding photographer on a beach in Tofino, British Columbia.

Source- Marnie Recker 

Marnie Recker, a Vancouver Island wedding photographer tweeted this picture of Trudeau with his surfer, standing some metres away from the bride. She gave a beautiful caption to the picture.

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Before this incident, he was spotted by a family while they were hiking in Quebec’s Gatineau Park last month. They took a selfie with him who was not wearing a shirt!


He is not just an eye candy PM, he is doing some great work as well. He gave refuge to Syrian refugees, attended the historic Pride march, gave Canada the first cabinet with equal number of men and women- ethnically diverse and includes the best minds of Canada.

He is the ‘People’s Prime Minister.'

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