In Insurgency-Hit Bastar, Usha Kiran Is Literally A Ray Of Hope For Tribal Women

10 January, 2017 at 12:46 | by Shivraj Jadhav

Insurgency-hit Bastar is one place where even angels would fear let alone men. The place is not only adversely affected by high combat-tensions, but is also infested with wrong-doings of many officials. This is particularly one reason why no woman would want to work in the area. And given the rapist nation that India has become, it only makes sense. Yet, here is one woman who has stepped into the fire voluntarily. Meet Usha Kiran of the CRPF, but for the tribals. 

27-year-old Kiran is the first woman officer of the CRPF to be posted in Bastar. Moreover, she is also a very good PR-tool to the security forces to know how bona fide are the rape accusations that the tribal people make against the forces. 

Only two days ago, there was an allegation on the security forces for their wrongdoings. Nothing new in this area.

According to this allegation, the forces harassed tribal people and sexually assaulted 16 women during their operation in October 2015. 

In the middle of such allegations and news, the presence of Kiran is a great support to both the tribal people and the CRPF.

“Her presence is good as the tribal women are always terrified and worried during the operations,” says  Kunti (name changed), a resident of a village near Darbha valley.

Sanjay Yadav, the CRPF DIG for Bastar region agrees.

 “She helps the security forces during search and raid in Maoist-affected villages and secondly, her presence helps to counter Maoist propaganda of rape and molestation by security forces,” he said.

Kiran is a former national athlete and comes from a Gurgaon-based family that has ties with the CRPF since the last two generations.

Kiran chose the Naxal-hit Bastar because she wanted to work for the tribal people. She wants to see them develop.

“I talk to the women. They are scared of male cops and officers. But with me, they are more relaxed,” she says.

Brave lady, take a bow.

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