A Girl From Assam Has Put Up Details Of Molestation On Facebook And Social Media Is Boiling

17 February, 2017 at 13:26 | by Chaitra Saxena

Molestation is something that women are expected to live with. Nobody expects them to speak out against it and when someone does, everyone-- from politicians to general public-- wants to join the brouhaha. Will that improve the security conditions for women? Probably no, but it will at least spread awareness and make people who prefer their eyes closed, cringe.

Shub Laxmi, a girl from Johrat has written an explicit post which talks about every girl's nightmare; molestation. According to her, the streets of her city are getting more and more dangerous with each passing day and the goons are becoming braver because of the lack of security. This is her post, in Assamese. 

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She said:

“They come under the cover of darkness, their faces hidden behind their helmets. I try and move to the side of road but they follow me. They fondle my breasts and drive away. I freeze at the spot…”

Indian politicians are probably the worst of their kind

Her post has become a topic of debate amongst the youth of the state and the politicians. While Shubh Laxmi has asked for better security for women and the arrest of the goons, a politician of the state has made a sexist remark only to anger the people further. 

Parliamentary affairs minister Chandra Mohan Patowary – a former Asom Gana Parishad (AGP) leader said that Shubh Laxmi was a member of  Left-wing Students’ Federation of India (SFI). Moreover, he did not appreciate her action of putting her ordeal on social media rather than going to the police.

Ex. CM Tarun Gogoi to the rescue

Activists throughout the state have questioned the logic behind his comment and expressed their disappointment in fierce words. Former Chief Minister of the state. Mr. Tarun Gogoi, supported the girl on twitter and demanded better law enforcement in the state. He tweeted: 

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Credit Name : https://twitter.com

She also found support in the Ex SP of Johrat

Sanjukta Parashar, an IPS officer who is the ex-superintendent of police of Johrat also supported the girl through a post on FB. 

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Crime rate in Asaam is as high as Delhi

And that's not it, more support is pouring in for the matter and it is becoming very clear that the women's safety in the state deteriorating. In fact, one survey has claimed that the crime rate in Assam was 148.2 per one lakh female population in 2015, which is very close to that of Delhi and has gotten worse over last two years. Ironically, we like to talk about only Delhi when it comes to Crime against women and ignore the rest of the country very conveniently.

Police has filed a complaint

Assam's director general of police Mukesh Sahay has said that they have registered a suo moto FIR against the assailants in Subha Laxmi's case and has said she has still not filed a report with them.

On one hand, it looks like Indian girls have to take care of themselves in most cases, on other it is clear that we also need a solution for our politicians, who fail at their only job; working for the welfare of the people.

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