Top 6 Things Men Secretly Want Women To Do In Bed

23 August, 2016 at 18:12 | by Mansi Kohli

Men never grow up, or do they? It’s a fact that men are wired differently from women, and their cravings or desires in bed are not the same as those of women. This is why, while most men fantasise about a dominatrix personality , they shy away from asking and expect the woman to know it all. Enough with the guessing game girls, here are seven things men want on bed from their women, and for some odd reason don’t ask!

1. Cup more and twitch more

      Most women don’t realise how badly a man craves for his sacs to be cupped and his nips twitched.  In addition to that, irrespective of his body frame,  he wants you to adore every inch of his body with your hands.

2. They want you to take the lead

      Most men find it boring or monotonous to be the ones initiating sex, intimacy or romance. Girls, hear this out. Men love it when you nip their ears with your teeth, and they love it when you take  the lead. They love surprises which lead to the steamy sheet tearing moments. Do it!

3. Mother them out

    When having sex or maybe just being intimate on a cozy night over the weekend, men want a ‘motherly touch’. Sans the other perspective to this, men look for a motherly figure in their mates. They look for someone that can cup their cheeks with both hands, kiss them on the forehead and snuggle them in their bosoms while sex happens. They won’t say this, but they want it!

4. Stop whining about your love handles

      Men hardly whine about their bellies and sagging buttocks, and hate it when their partners do the same. When you are all naked and the act is on, focus on the joy of lovemaking to enhance arousal with your man in your arms. Whining about how fat your thighs are or maybe why you don’t feel sexy naked, can be a bummer. Men don’t want women to harp about her low-self-esteem and body image issues all the time! They want you to talk dirty instead.

5. They want to see you climax

          Believe it or not, even before penetration happens, men want to see most women turn moist between their legs and if possible, masturbate too. Nothing unnatural about this, and the act of intimacy and sex gets better as well, and men love watching their women climax. This gives them more time to make their sexual desires truly manifest and it turns them into lions on bed.

6 Trust Him

      He wants to just please you, without you having to distrust his moves and intentions. The moment a woman distrusts a man with his moves on bed,  the man feels you trust him no more in all aspects of the relationship. Men don’t want that on bed. They want your trust. So allow them to do as they please, with consent and mutual respect of course.

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