This Woman's Post About Periods Is Thought-Provoking

17 March, 2017 at 16:46 | by Chaitra Saxena

So, let's talk about the most hush hushed word after sex in Indian society; Periods. Yes, every girl has it for almost 30 years of her life but why can't we talk about it and most importantly, why is the process so impure when it is actually what gives a girl the capability to create life? Saloni Chopra's Instagram post pinpoints who is responsible for making periods dirty. 

Beginning of menstruation in a girl is celebrated across the globe in some way or the other. But when it comes to the girl herself, suddenly everything changes for her. Along with the physical discomfort and pain, our society leaves a teenage girl to believe that she is impure while she is bleeding and can't go about doing her routine activities like praying and cooking. Saloni Chopra, in her Instagram post, has asked some questions that we all need to answer, right now. This is her post.

That's right, it's just blood.. Y'know who gave it more importance than it needs? You. You who celebrated my very 1st menstrual cycle.. said it made me a woman. Then you told me to never discuss it publicly. First you made me feel proud of becoming, then you made me feel there was something wrong with me. You told me I couldn't visit holy places. You conditioned me to love cooking, but you wouldn't let me, that day. You yelled when I lit the diya in the mandir that morning. The kids at school laughed at me & my friends didn't sit next to me, bcos my blue skirt was red. I ate my lunch alone, crying in the washroom. I wasn't very proud of being a girl that day. Then I grew older & I met boys.. boys that liked me.. boys that knew nothing about periods, but got disgusted every time a pad fell out of my bag. I couldn't fathom that women raised such men. My girlfriends always whispered about it.. were they ashamed? My colleagues thought I was being a bitch bcos I was "PMSing" - my boss thought that was just my lame excuse to take a day off. I guess his penis never bled, he didn't know what it felt like to have his hormones go on a rollercoaster ride every month, yet all they could grasp from it was that periods were "yuck" & girls act "crazy" on them. I'm not mad at you cos I'm on my period, I'm mad at you for the ignorant moron you are. You think I'm overreacting when I speak about inequality, then you cringe at the idea of vaginal blood. You think it's impure. From you who gave birth to me, to you that wants to marry me, listen carefully - there is nothing about me that is "impure" every month. I'm not the creation of the devil. I'll have as many conversations about my menstrual cycle as I please, I will cook as many meals as I like & enter as many places of worship as I want to. For those 5 days, maybe you should keep your impure selves out of my kitchen, my temple, my work place & come back when you're ready to accept my body. I will never, ever accept my tampons wrapped in a newspaper again - there's a lot more dirt printed in that than a woman's body could ever produce. And if you try to hush-hush me, I'll only scream louder. Sincerely, Every. Damn. Girl.

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Periods are a big part of every girl's life. It won't go away if you close your eyes. It happens every month and it's painful and uncomfortable. It's high time that the society stops using the word PMS and starts understanding that it's extremely painful and weird to bleed for 5 days and still behave like nothing happened.

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