This Photo Series Says The One Thing All Girls Want To Scream 'Don't Stare'

17 February, 2017 at 14:01 | by Chaitra Saxena

Girls are very used to being judged. Their hairstyle, their clothes, and even their personality is judged every minute of their lives. If they don't fit the societal norms, they have to to be judged and stared at but have you every thought how it feels to be looked up and down while you are busy being yourself.

Indian society has defined everything for a girl. How she is supposed to dress up, what time is she expected to be home and also the volume of her laughs. If you step out of the rules, you will be labeled as a 'wannabe' or maybe even a 'sl*t'. This girl from Bengaluru wanted to to show the world exactly how bad the stares and judgements are and hence, this photo series. Check it out with some comments from Postpickle.

No matter what we do or how successful we are in our lives, if we aren't covered from head to toe, we can't be respected. Aren't we Indian girls tired of all the stares and the silent judgments that come our way every day? See how bad society looks, while they are staring at you. "It's you who look bad, not us."

She has to know where are the pants.

Even the women; the so called moral police will stare. 'Auntyji, can you look up at my face?'

The look on the woman in red saree clearly says 'Ram ram ram'.

You don't like my clothes? Can I ask why are you wearing a night gown with a dupatta?

A different version of 'Palat'.

Notice: Uncle ji is himself wearing a half pant.

A lustful stare and a selfie without permission. People think we don't know.

What is the uncle so happy about?

One more uncle with his 'aajkal ki ladkiya'.


Photo series = Success

Our society = Fail

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