This One Word Can End An Argument, Say Relationship Experts

20 May, 2017 at 16:11 | by Chaitra Saxena

Every person in a relationship will agree that they have had at least couple of non-stop arguments that refuse to die down. These arguments happen between people who know each other too well. So, how can you end such hour long heated debates? By murdering your partner? No, there is a better way, infact one word.

Relationship experts say that arguments are inevitable in any relationship. They happen and they will keep happening until one of them uses a word to express that they are hurt and projects themselves as vulnerable. So, what is that one word?

One word to end a fight

Ouch, is the word that has the capacity to end any argument. Infact any word that sums up the hurt that you are feeling can end an argument. This rule applies to the couple who are actually in love. For other types of couples no amount of 'ouches' will help because it's the realisation that you have gone too far with your words is what ends the argument.

Women already know how to bargain on their end by using tears, now this knowledge can help men too, sometimes. Tell us in the comments what is going to be your 'ouch' word.

Source: TheHook

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