This Girl's Quora Post On How She Dealt With Her Ex's Marriage Is The Relationship Advice We All Need

18 March, 2017 at 16:44 | by Chaitra Saxena

Sometimes, relationships don't go as planned and end midway leaving us heartbroken and lost. Picking up from the dead end and finding our way out of depression is a complicated task that leaves most of us exhausted. A girl on Quora posted about how she moved on when she found out about her ex's wedding and we think her method makes sense.

Falling out of love happens but getting back to normal after that is easier said than done. Every person copes up with heartbreaks differently but one thing that everyone needs to do is to vent it out. This Indian girl's post on Quora is exactly how everyone should vent it out and move on. Acceptance is the key here.

Quora Post

I fell in love when i was 19, first relationship. We were happy together and had this plan to get married some years down the line, long story short ,it didn’t work out. It took me almost 2 year to move on . i lost all my contacts with him.Then, last year i saw his fb post and came to know he got married 2 days back( that day was also my birthday).

This is what i went through for next 1 week:

I tried to stay calm for few hours but i couldn’t, i cried full night

Next 3 days were worse, apparently it was weekend as well, i didn’t go out at all. I cried and consoled myself full time

I remember next monday i locked myself inside office washroom ,couldn’t find peace anywhere else, i just didn’t wanted to see anyone, this went on for few more days.

But then, when i was done shedding tears, suddenly all of it started feeling better.i always believed i had moved on but there was always a little hope that died after his marriage and it died for good.

I saw his pictures and realized how happy they were looking together,not that i was happy for them but somehow i felt i was never required/belonged/desired at that place…i could cry for rest of my life and break loose all the hells and yet he wouldn’t want to come back.

So my dear friend, let your love get married, this is where their part in your story ends. Trust me, loosing the last string of hope sometimes works magically for you, this is when you go and find new hopes .

So, cry it out, yell it out and dance it out; just take it out of your system and move on.

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