This Couple Lost A Combined 262 Kgs And Now They Are Man And Wife

16 May, 2017 at 15:42 | by Chaitra Saxena

This couple has proved that love is beyond looks because when they fell for each other they did not look awesome like they do now. Ronnie and Andrea's love story is one for the books and they can easily become the weight loss inspiration for anybody looking to go back to good health and a happy life. 

Ronnie Brower and Andrea Masella met in a gym and Andrea says it was love at first sight for them. She loved how motivated he was and says he was the one who inspired her to take the tough route and get down to her current weight.

Her words

“I was just really inspired by him and I thought he was super cute,” Masella told the Associated Press. “We started talking at the gym and I hate to sound cliche, but it was love at first sight.”

Ronnie was told he will die before he turns 30

For Brower, this all started in 2013, when doctors told him that he will die if he doesn't lose weight. They told him he will be dead before he turns 30 and he was 28 at that time. It scared him to the extent that he resolved that he is going to turn around his life. He immediately changed his lifestyle and hit the gym.

Andrea started her weight loss journey in 2014, when she was at 113 Kgs. She joined the same gym as Ronnie and like she said, love happened. They both tied the knot in New York on 13th May 2017 and for the role of best man, they chose Ronnie's personal trainer, Nick Murphy who has become a best buddy in last 4 years.

Isn't this an amazing story full of inspiration and love?

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