These Two Girls Are Seeking Protection From Their Own Parents

21 April, 2017 at 12:46 | by Chaitra Saxena

The two sisters have claimed that their parents harass and abuse them and they want to live a life independent of them. Shivangi and Samira Sule have left their homes and asking the High Court to protect them from their parents who torture them on a daily basis.

Shivangi and Samira are two sisters from Malad who are protesting against their parents. They walked from Bombay High Court to Marine Drive holding placards requesting the High Court to intervene in the matter and protect them from their parents who torture them.

Parents have claimed that the girls have become a part of a sex and drugs racket

The girls have alleged that their parents locked them in a dingy room last year and they were saved by some friends and the parents have counter alleged saying that the girls have got themselves into some sex racket and are into drugs.

False allegations

The sisters have denied this accusation and claimed that they are not involved in any racket and that their parents are abusive and are making false allegations in order to save themselves. 

Sisters' statement

“We just want to live an independent life. Our parents are spreading false allegations against us and are alleging that we are involved in a sex racket and are drug addicts. They are misleading the Bombay High Court about Shifu Sanskriti, which is nothing but a way to relax our body and mind from negativity. We have been followed by goons and are being harassed by our parents through police officers who call us to the police station at hours. We request the Bombay High Court to give us justice because we are the victims. Please save us from our parents. We have done nothing wrong.”

We will come to know what actually happened once the dust settles because right now all the allegations are looking weird. Something's really fishy here. We hope whoever is guilty gets punished and the matter is settled asap.

Source: DNA

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