These Pictures Of Some Famous Cities From Across The Globe Will Take Your Breath Away

16 February, 2017 at 17:06 | by Chaitra Saxena

A group of Russian photographers; AirPano is traveling the world and clicking amazing aerial photos of various cities. You have to check the photos to admire the beauty of these cities and to appreciate how geometrically they have been designed.

Every city has a basic civic plan, at least all the cities that are very old today had a brilliant plan that clearly laid out their structure. We don't see those grand plans when we click a photograph on the ground but they are clearly visible in the aerial pictures. Check out the photos of 10 cities and we are sure you will be amazed.

Source: Instagram/AirPano

1. New Delhi, India

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Seattle, USA

4. Prambanan, Indonesia

5. Cancun, Mexico

6. Vienna, Austria

7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

8. Varanasi, India

9. Mexico City, Mexico

10. Toronto, Canada

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