Sending Smileys To Colleagues Can Get You Into Trouble

17 March, 2017 at 15:18 | by Chaitra Saxena

If you are one of those people who cannot write a single sentence without a smiley, you might end up in trouble. Who said so? Well, a report in Times of India says so. According to the report, a few BSNL employees had to face a court ruling because they sent a smiley to a senior colleague.

Divisional engineer L Vijayalakshmi had registered a case under Tuticorin Police Station saying that she was harassed on a Whatsapp group meant for official communications.

A senior lady officer didn't like it when she was sent smileys

All this happened, when she sent a video on the group asking the staff to address a customer's complaint. According to her FIR, she immediately got replies in terms of smileys and she has particularly pointed out a man named Linga Bhaskar who sent a smiley to harass and disturb her.

On her complaint police had lodged a complaint against 49 employees

Based on her complaint, police had filed a FIR against 49 employees of BSNL. The case was then produced in front of P.N.Prakash in the high court and was immediately quashed for its baselessness. According to the court, a person is free to express his/feelings on social media and that doesn't amount to harassment.

Although the case sounds funny and an over reaction on the part of the lady officer, you never know the kind of smileys the men might have shared, given that Telecom sector is hugely male dominated and men often have issues taking orders from female bosses. What do you think?

Source: Times of India/EPaper

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