Need Stretchable Clothes For Yoga? Here Is A Woman Who Shows That Any Clothes Will Do

11 January, 2017 at 15:24 | by Shivraj Jadhav

Someone said, “Everything is gettable if you dress for it.” I am not sure who, but it probably has to be some stylist. Let’s hope it wasn’t Johnny Galliano though. But that’s not the point. Point is, here is one Indian woman who is erasing that thought with her deeds. This is a woman who says yoga doesn’t demand specific clothes to be able to perform well. And how does she validate that? Well, she does the Parivrtta Utkatasana wearing a simple shirt and trousers. And oh, she can also pull off a ek pada malasana in a dress and heels. 

Meet Aswathy Chembolly. Aswathy is a tax-consultant from Kerala. She now stays in Kuwait.

What makes Aswathy special is, her ability to perform Yoga in any clothes of her choice. This, we believe makes her stand apart from the rest of the certified yoga trainers.

Her Instagram page named Aroghya Yogini, where she began posting her pictures of yoga has become an instant hit. The reason? Awsathy’s ability to perform yoga wearing absolutely anything.

 "People at times say that they don't have yoga clothes and so can't do yoga. But you can do yoga in whatever you wear. I am mostly in work clothes. I love my jeans, I love my work clothes and I love yoga. So it is a culmination of all three," she says. 

You’d think she isn’t an admirer of Yoga clothes. And damn you’d be right. She isn’t.

The story of how Aswathy turned to yoga is a rather scary one. In her 30s, she underwent a huge neck surgery post which the doctors had advised her to undertake a fitness regime seriously.

In 2013, this led Aswathy to begin performing yoga. She excelled, and now, this is where she is – at a point of excellence.

Seeing someone do these amazing feats in normal clothes makes me want to choke myself with a cat’s tail for avoiding exercise with the excuse of ‘I don’t have good shorts. ‘

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