How This Teenager Handled A Creepy Employer Is The Lesson We All Need In Self Respect

20 March, 2017 at 16:08 | by Chaitra Saxena

This teenager had applied for a cleaning job online but was shocked when the prospective employer messaged her to ask for a picture and when she did share it, he judged her based on her looks. The girl obviously got very miffed and what she did next is something we all should do to people who go out of their way to make you feel bad.

Chelsea Dann, an 18-year-old, applied for a cleaning job online. She immediately got in touch with the person who had posted the job. He asked her to share her CV along with her photo. BTW, the man claimed that he was a lawyer and filthy rich.

'I rather have a young attractive girl working for me'

Chelsea wasn't very pleased with the photo request and asked him why the photo was required and you won't believe how sexist his reply was. He said, "I rather have a young attractive girl working for me then a granny, looks bad on my reputation. I am a well-off businessman".

He kept mocking and judging Chelsea

Chelsea did share her pic with the man, which we think she shouldn't have and the next thing the man said, sealed the deal for her. The man had the audacity to judge Chelsea by her tattoos and make sarcastic comments. Thankfully Chelsea was done by now and said some really nice things to the man who we think is neither a sensible man nor a safe employer.

Wow, what a girl! Don't you wish to do that same, sometimes?

Source: TheHookMag

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