Here Is A Story Of Love And Togetherness That Comes Not From Nicholas Sparks, But From A Regular Mumbai Girl

7 January, 2017 at 12:45 | by Shivraj Jadhav

Love is a pretty funny thing. Sometimes, you have to try for years and years and get your heart burnt to the ground and you wouldn’t find it. Sometimes it is just a stupid fling you get into when you’re a teenager and that works out. That just works out all the way until the very end. And it may not have to be as dreamy as a Nick Sparks book. It can just be your crude, clumsy story and when you look back upon it many years later, you see what a beautiful tale you have lived. Here is one girl who has done exactly that, and here’s all about it, in her own words. 

Mallika Kejriwal tells her love story, how it transformed from one thing to another over the years, and how she has managed to keep the spark alive.

“After the 10th Grade I think pretty much everyone goes to Goa, so after JB all of us ended up going as well. That’s where I first met him — he was from Campion and that entire trip the two of us ended up chatting and making fun of people together. For a few months after we didn’t talk at all, then one day randomly he messaged me about his friend who thought I was ‘good looking’. So I said, whatever you have to say please come up to me and say it in person…so instead of sending his friend, he came to see me and that’s how we started talking again. We began dating when we were kids, so we’ve pretty much grown up together. We’ve been through every phase you can imagine — from I love you, to I hate you, to I want to be with you all the time to I can’t stand your existence! I remember this one time when we were 17 and he got me a coupon to get my photos taken and this other time when he got me a heart shaped frame and there I was thinking wow, he’s so thoughtful…but it was only much later that I found out that those were all the free things his aunts had sent to his house and he had happily ‘gifted’ to me. 

Another incident I remember, is right before he was leaving for University. I used to always ask him to write a letter to me, or a few promises to me which he really meant and he obviously never wrote anything. But the day before he left, he wrote me a 5 page A4 size letter…and I was so moved…I don’t think I could have written a letter that long! Long distance was obviously terrible…but in the long run it really helped us — If you last so much distance, time difference and all those fights — you can survive anything.

We used to fight about so many stupid things — he was over possessive as if I was some Pamela Anderson sitting in Bombay!

After he got back from college and we were still dating…my dad kind of asked him about the future and where it was headed and that’s when for the first time in years we decided to not talk for at least a month to get some clarity. That plan didn’t work out too well, because after a week he called my dad and said, ‘I want to marry your daughter can you please come over to meet my parents’ and I guess that was it. 
The two of us live by ourselves now and it’s been an amazing process. From going apartment hunting to packing boxes and setting up our home — we’ve done everything together.

We both even work in the same building — I started The Design Bay Studio with the support of my in-laws and my husband…so I’m pretty much on the move all the time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. And we’re still growing together — we’re fighting on top of our lungs at home, laughing hysterically the next second and making inside jokes that no one gets after. In fact, the two of us together learned the sign language because my father in law has had a hearing impairment all his life. But now, so many times when we’re outside with people and we want to say something to each other, or crack a lame joke we’ll do it in sign language…maybe that’s what keeps the spark alive. That somewhere we’ll always be those two teenagers— fighting, laughing and going through our life together…blissfully unaware of anything else around us.”


I don't know why, but if this couple has a jam of their own, I think that has gotta be Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. These guys are living that song.

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