Bengaluru Is Gearing Up To Fight Pollution With This Vertical Garden

20 March, 2017 at 12:58 | by Chaitra Saxena

Bengaluru, like all the metro cities in India, is reeling under the pressure of excessive traffic. The city has not just added many cars to its roads but has also cut down majorly on trees to make way for these vehicles. The resulting pollution is causing a lot of issues, hence, an NGO has come up with this idea.

Bengaluru is well known for its traffic and like any other city in the country, the city has started to show signs of climate change. One NGO, named SayTress is trying to create green areas and to achieve that, they have come up with a vertical garden on the pillars of a flyover. So far, they have put up one garden and more are in the works.

One vertical garden was installed on Hosur Road flyover in Bengaluru

"SayTrees has been planting trees for many years now and this time we thought it is better to create or increase the green cover right in the middle of the city," said Durgesh Agrahari, a member of the group. 

Vertical garden is fitted with automatic drip irrigation

This vertical garden has 3500 saplings from 12 different species of plants. It will be maintained by the NGO and the water problem has been solved with the use of an automatic drip irrigation system. Extra care has been taken to ensure that all the plants on the garden are the ones that require minimum water.

100% organic

This vertical garden is 100% organic. Durgesh Agrahari further said, "These species have definite environmental benefits, such as lowering temperature and absorbing particulate matter. Without those benefits, it would have become just another landscaping project,"

SayTrees plans to get similar gardens on all the pillars of this flyover and on many more such locations. With this initiative, people of Bengaluru can hope for some respite this summer and we say, more and more residents should take it upon themselves to make the city green again.

Source: TheNewsMinute

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