After 20 Years Of Not Talking To His Wife, This Man Finally Opens Up On A Park Date

3 January, 2017 at 14:58 | by Chaitra Saxena

Otou Katayama didn’t talk to his wife two decades because he was busy sulking about something. The time he has wasted is precious and needless to say, his wife deserved a lot more than what she got. What’s amazing is the patience of the wife who lived with the man for 20 years without complaining and she even tried to talk to him which was always met with a nod.

A story of extraordinary patience

Every relationship needs a lot of patience besides love and passion. But what this Japanese woman has done for her husband is simply astounding. Yumi and Otou got married and went on to have 3 kids, all without speaking to each other. The reason was Otou’s belief that Yumi was more dedicated and concerned about their kids than him.

The reason for not talking for 20 years is bizarre

Ofcourse the reason is bizarre because every mother on the planet loves her kids more than anybody. What Otou Katayama did to his wife is not only non sensical but is cruel too. And hats off to the lady who put up with 20 years of silence to stand by this side and bring up 3 beautiful kids who planned to reunite them.

Their 18 year old son wrote to a TV show with his story

Their 18 year old son wrote to a TV show with his story and asked them to arrange a date where they could start talking again. The channel accepted and they arranged for a meeting which was 100% successful to say the least. Otou began with finally telling Yumi the reason behind his silence and then went on to thank her for everything. Watch the heart warming meeting yourself and tell us don’t you think the man wasted a lot of precious time.

Every couple goes through a phase of change and insecurities but how right is to treat your spouse with silence because you are utterly confused with your feelings? How long can you go without speaking to your spouse/partner? Share with us in the comments.

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