A Hunter Died When The Elephant He Had Killed Fell On Him

23 May, 2017 at 19:25 | by Chaitra Saxena

Theunis Botha, died when he got crushed under the elephant he had hunted with his clients. While the incident is sad for him and his family, people all over the world are calling it karma and are happy that the world is now one hunter less.

Zimbabwe is well known for trophy hunting. Despite bans from the government, trophy hunting is one practice that is refusing to die down, all thanks to hunters like Theunis Botha who travel far and wide to find clients. Botha's website says that he started offering hunting safaris from the year 1989 and has since been on hundreds of expeditions that resulted in dead animals.

He was a family man

Theunis Botha had 5 kids and according to his friends, he was a family man and loved animals. This is one of the condolences left for him, "Theunis was a great man that had a true passion for conservation and was a loving family man. He cared deeply about his hounds. As fellow hunters we need to give all the support we can to his family.” 

What happened

Botha was on a hunting safari when he and his group entered a place where a large number of breeding elephants were present. On seeing the hunters, 3 female elephants charged towards them. Botha took the initiative and fired a shot to scare the elephants. At that time, a fourth female, who was charging from a side picked him up with the trunk. One of the men accompanying him shot at that elephant. This shot proved to be fatal and the animal fell crushing Botha in the process.

People on Twitter is are calling this karma and we think they are right. Here are some tweets that are not kind but given what Botha used to do for a living, we do not expect anything better.

Credit Name : https://twitter.com

Credit Name : https://twitter.com

Credit Name : https://twitter.com

Rest in Peace Mr. Botha. Your passing might be sad for your family and friends but we have a feeling that the animal world might be celebrating.

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