TV Actress Pankhuri Awasthy Slapped A Man Who Touched Her Inappropriately

20 March, 2017 at 18:17 | by Chaitra Saxena

TV Actress Pankhuri Awasthy said that in an interview. The said incident happened in Bengaluru and she mentioned that she has now learned to stand up for herself.

The actress who will be seen playing the role of a rape victim in the upcoming TV serial, "Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka?" which is a remake of the Turkish serial Fatmagul, said that when she was young she didn't notice a lot of things but now she has mustered the courage and speaks up when necessary. In a country like India, it's only logical to be brave and ensure that the culprit isn't spared.

What happened

"Earlier, I didn't have courage to stand up against it. Now I do stand up. Recently, I was in Bengaluru with my friends and I was wearing a skirt. There was this guy who came and he had the courage to touch my thighs. I slapped him then and there itself," she said.

About her preparation for the upcoming show

Speaking of her upcoming show she said, "For the preparation of my role, I met a psychologist and a practising psychiatrist to understand what goes on in the minds of these girls who have been raped. They told us that what's the uncommon thing here is that most of these girls are married to the guy who raped them." 

Harassment and abuse are rampant on Indian streets and these things will stop only when we will bring up boys with morals and girls with courage. Girls like Pankhuri are the ones who will make India safe, one step at a time. Hats off to you Pankhuri and all the best wishes for your "Kya Kasoor Hai Amla Ka?".

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