This Old Video Of Pakistani Actress Saba Insulting Bollywood Stars Is Going Viral

17 February, 2017 at 14:07 | by Roktim Rajpal

This may leave her red-faced.

In an unexpected development, an old clip from Good Morning Zindagi has resurfaced online and is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons. In it, actress Saba Qamar is seen taking digs at Bollywood stars while refusing hypothetical offers to star opposite them.

'He's A Chichora'

And, believe it or not, during this fun-filled segment, she jokingly says that she would not work with Salman Khan as he is a ‘chichora’. Moreover, she also makes fun of his dancing skills

Interestingly, she also takes shots at Emraan Hashmi, Ritiesh Desmukh and Hrithik Roshan. On being shown Duggu’s pic, she says that she has no interest in working working with him as he has two kids. Similarly, she pokes fun at Ritiesh and Emraan. 

Here's The Clip

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Saba Is Bollywood Bound

On a related note, Saba will soon be making her Bollywood debut with Hindi medium. In it, the lovely lady will be seen alongside Irfan Khan. 

So, do you feel ‘Bhai’ will feel offended by this?

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