These Actors Should Play The Titular Role Of Our Favourite Cricketers In Their Biopics

6 June, 2017 at 13:14 | by Jyoti Sadhwani

Biopics, especially sports biopics have become the trend of the season; all thanks to the success of movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Mary Kom and Paan Singh Tomar which have been loved and admired by the audience. So, why not make more biopics on all our favorite sports stars? Here's a list of sportsmen and who we think can best portray them on the big screen.

Ranveer Singh As Virat Kohli

For a cricketer who is known for “I-don’t-give-a-damn-attitude”, the one who is known for his energy on the cricket field, who else can be better than Ranveer Singh.

We have no doubts that Ranveer Singh can pull off Virat’s role effortlessly. Yes, they don’t look the same, but only Ranveer’s energetic personality justify the casting.

Ranbir Kapoor As Yuvraj Singh

Everything about Yuvraj- from his battle with cancer to his many affairs with B’town actresses-- is worth covering. The cricketer has faced his highs and lows quite gracefully and that is also one of the  reasons why a film should be made on his life.

Even though Abhishek Bachchan has clearly hinted that he is interested in playing Yuvi in his biopic we think, Ranbir Kapoor would do a better job. You ask why? Firstly, both of them are Punjabi Mundas, so Ranbir won’t have any difficulty catching the Punjabi dialect, secondly, we think Ranbir will look a lot like Yuvraj in the blue jersey. Plus both are very popular among girls. So, why not? 

Fawad Khan As Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is the coolest captain Indian team has ever had. The Wall of Indian team is one of the most graceful players we have come across and we think Fawad Khan can play him the best.  

Fawad's good looks and cool demeanour are a perfect compliment to Dravid's dimples and heart warming smile. His rakish good looks, sculpted jawline with dimples makes him a perfect choice for the role. 

Aamir Khan As Sachin Tendulkar

For a legend like Sachin, we have to, have to choose a perfectionist that can do justice to the personality of the God of Cricket.Our pick is the perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan.  

Our pick for Sachin is the perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan. The reason is Aamir Khan has some experience playing cricket from his movie Lagaan and also their height is a perfect match too. In fact, we don’t think any other actor can play Sachin better than Aamir. Enough said! 

Ajay Devgn As Saurav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly is a legend. He is an emotion that no cricket buff can ever forget. His fearless leadership skills, aggressive and gutsy attitude and the defining moment when he took off his shirt at the Lord’s balcony clearly explains the cricketer’s attitude which makes him worth covering.

Based on these facts, our pick is gutsy Ajay Devgn. With no godfather in his contact list, Ajay Devgn has proved us time and again that he can lead and defeat any big blockbuster that clashes with his movie. He is outspoken just like Saurav and believes in Karma a lot.

Akshay Kumar for Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev is a man of few words but he is also a man of action. He is also one of the big reasons why India could win the World cup in 1983. Although he was an all-rounder, but of there is one thing that he was known for then, it was his fast-bowling skills.

So an actor who can play the titular role, then without a doubt it would be Akshay Kumar, thanks to his role in the movie Patiala House where the actor showed his effortless bowling skills

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