Sunny Leone Has This To Say To People Who Object To Her Condom Ads

21 April, 2017 at 16:52 | by Team Postpickle

A political party has said that her ads sexually provoke a man to use condoms. But, isn't that the whole purpose of the commercial?

An Upset Political Party

Sunny Leone has come out and answered her critics, who are unhappy with her condom commercials. Earlier this week, the women’s wing of the Republican Party of India (A) had demanded the removal of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone's ads promoting a condom brand. "The advertising campaign objectifies the feminine gender and has proved to be a sheer embarrassment for all women viewers… It’s a very ugly scene and conveys a very different message," their Women’s Wing secretary Sheela Gangurde said.


Reacting to her detractors, Sunny Leone asserted that only the government decides what is best for the people as we live in a democracy. "One of the greatest things about India is the democracy and freedom of speech. If people want to raise their voice against me, they can go ahead and do it. Only the government can decide what’s best for the citizens," she said.

A Brand Is A Baby!

The actress also added, "When I sign up for a brand, I take moral responsibility for it. It’s like bringing a baby into the world. A couple goes ahead with the decision of starting a family only when it is responsible enough to take care of the child."

We are a country of 1.3 billion people, we would need more condom ads and even more condoms. Our resources are getting stretched and we can't sustain ourselves at the rate our population is growing.

What we need is more Sunny Leone ads!

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