Sonu Nigam Is Leaving Twitter With A Heavy Heart

24 May, 2017 at 14:42 | by Chaitra Saxena

Twitter is a funny place. People here think they can do anything just because they have full control on 140 characters. It has been proven since the beginning of the Twitter that people are not nice; they will say the meanest things online. Time and again people find themselves in the middle of an argument and celebs are no less. Sonu Nigam is leaving Twitter because he is done with it.

Sonu Nigam landed in the spotlight last month when he tweeted saying that the loudspeaker in a mosque near his residence is disturbing him. People on twitter bashed him left right and center and ensured that the man won't say a word in the future.

Sonu attracted attention with his Azaan comment

A lot has happened since then. Paresh Rawal and his comment on the Kashmir stone pelting issue has been dissected beyond recognition and also singer Abhijit's account has been deleted. Seeing all this, the singer who was already disturbed with how his Azaan comment handled has decided to quit Twitter. He expressed his desire in a series of heartfelt tweets that he sent out.

Sonu Nigam leaving Twitter like this is sad. People and their opinion should not matter so much but then, sometimes handling people's misplaced anger might get impossible. Yes, we live in a democratic country but we will do more progress if we talk more face to face than online.

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