Sofia Hayat Reveals Her Fiance's Name As She Gets Candid About Her Personal Life

17 March, 2017 at 11:59 | by Roktim Rajpal

She truly is a confused indiviual.

As we all know, sometime ago, Sofia Hayat announced her engagement and created a buzz on the social media. While she stated that her prince charming was a wonderful person, she refused to reveal identity.

 Now, Sofia has finally opened up about her love life and revealed her prince charming’s identity. During an interaction with Times Of India, she said that her fiancé’s name is Vlad Stanescue and he is an interior designer.

Her Exact Words

"Everyone has been waiting for his name and I have kept it quiet because he is not a celebrity. I wanted to protect him. He is a beautiful soul with a heart of gold, a gentle kind man. His name is Vlad Stanescu. He is an Interior Designer from Romania. He is extremely creative and so talented. 

He notices the smallest things. He is a true gentleman. He is a very old soul, and behaves so beautifully. He always pulls out my chair at dinner, opens car doors, never asks me to meet him somewhere, instead he insists on coming to me in a car, opening the door, dropping me off. He remembers the smallest of things that I say, the things I like, what makes me smile, and then he does more of those things, because he says that if he makes me happy and smile, and makes my life easier, it makes him happy."

A Confusing Explanation

Interestingly, last year, she had said she would never get married or have children. As such, her decision to get engaged came across as a surprise. Explaining this, she gave a complicated answer and proved that she is a bit confused in life.

Here's What She Said

"I did not have a change of heart. At the time, that was my truth, now this is my truth. I was not lying when I said that. That is what I was then. An easy way of explaining this is, some people get married because they love that person, then some people get divorced because they no longer have that love for that person. That does not mean they were lying when they first fell in love. "

All The Best!

It goes without saying that whatever she is saying is difficult to comprehend and makes no sense at all. In any case, we wish her the very best for her future.

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