Nia Posted This Clip On Instagram And Got Trolled Like Never Before

16 February, 2017 at 15:38 | by Roktim Rajpal

The video is a bit NSFW.

As we all know, last year, Nia Sharma secured the third position in a leading magazine’s list ‘Sexiest Asian Women’ and added a feather to her cap.  Since then, she has been posing for numerous bold pics and turning up the heat in a big way. Moreover, she has also been silencing her trolls like a boss. Now, she is in the news for a surprising reason. 

A 'Disgusting' Post

As it so happens, Nia recently posted a video on Instagram and found herself in a soup. In the clip she can be seen with a kid who is heard abusing in Hindi. As expected, this did not go down well with Instagram users and they called it ‘shameful’ and ‘disgusting’. 

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Be Careful!

It goes without saying that this is an unfortunate situation and proves that Nia needs to be more careful with her posts. She has had plenty of run-ins with detractors on the social media and such incidents are just going to give them an opportunity to attack her, again

Caution is the name of the game!

So, folks what is your take on this? Talk to us in the space below.

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