Love Horror Films? Here Are 18 Horror Movies From Hollywood All Set To Be Released In 2017

3 January, 2017 at 16:47 | by Shivraj Jadhav

If you love horror movies, you’re in the right year. Why? You have 18 long-awaited, darn good horror movies coming in this year. That’s why. 

Amityville: Awakening

Who has been staying in the Amityville lately? A woman and her three children, one of them comatose. So when the boy wakes up, defying the assumptions of the doctors that he wouldn’t, it is a happy time in Amityville. But, happiness in Amityville? Short-lived.

June 2017.


Stephen King’s classic novel It is being made into a movie, and although it may not be news to Stephen King fans, horror fans would be delirious to know that this already awesome story is being made into a movie by Andrés Muschietti. Yeah, the same guy who made Mama. That says a lot, no?

September 8, 2017.

The Strangers 2

They’re back in their masks to torment a new family. And this time, there will be more violence. More cruelty. 

TBD 2017

Patient Zero

The ravishing Natalie Dormer plays alongside John Bradley in this movie where majority of the world’s population turns into bloodthirsty killers thanks to a global pandemic. 

TBD 2017

World War Z 2

Brad Pitt is ready to fight the infested world again. Are you?

June 9, 2017 


Dakota Johnson in a different character is good for a change. Look at her as an ambitious American ballet student, who gets sent to a very prestigious European dance academy and finds out that everything isn’t as it seems at the place. Something else is going on, and it is not right. This is a remake of a classic so we're just hoping it better be good. 

TBD 2017

The Dark Tower

The cast is so good, you can be certain that this movie is going to be a winner without even knowing the storyline. Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey star opposite each other in this movie where a gunslinger roams through an old-West wasteland, searching for the Dark Tower that can save his world. 

February 17, 2017

Death House

The ‘Death House’ is a top-secret prison which holds the worst killers ever known in a secret, underground facility. When these prisoners get free, two FBI agents have to go through a lot of shit. A lot. 

TBD 2017


M. Night Shyamalan, the underestimated director as we all know him, is set to release his next, newest movie which shows a man grappled with MPD kidnap three teenage girls. James McAvoy is expected to deliver a superior performance. Let’s see how that works out. 

February 2017


In Meg, Jason Stathom is assigned to rescue a submarine crew trapped at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Now that may seem easy for Stathom, but there’s a little problem. Meg. A 70-foot Carchardon Megalodon, standing in his way.

TBD 2017


This movie has supposedly used the concept of puppets. There are no real people in the movie. Only puppets. The story goes like this: one man wakes up to find that there is an explosive device on his neck and the only way to save his own life is carrying out a series of heinous crimes. 

May 2017

The Chair

The Chair is based on a graphic novel in which an innocent man is on death row. Seeing the brutal murders of other inmates at the hands of the warden, he realizes that survival will require him to be brutal. Very brutal. 

TBD 2017

Insidious 4

With Lin Shaye there to execute the unthinkable, do I need to say more? 

TBD 2017 

A Cure for Wellness

We don’t know much about this movie but the story revolves around a man trying to rescue his boss from an European Wellness centre. And  I don’t know why but that makes me wonder how Eli Roth would have done it. It is probably like that?

March 24, 2017 

Sky Sharks

One of those classics which links everything bad back to the Nazis, this movie shows a group of geologists stumble upon a forgotten Nazi experiment where they see Sharks frozen in the wastes of Antarctica. Now these sharks can fly. Well?

September 2017

I Saw the Devil

Adam Wingard’s new movie, I Saw the Devil, is inspired by a Korean horror movie where a rogue secret agent and a serial killer get trapped in a perpetual cat and mouse game. 

TBD 2017

Friday The 13th

We don’t know a thing about the plot of the newest instalment of Friday the 13th, but you do know who is coming back? Don’t you?

October 2017 

My schedule for the year is almost decided. Meet you in 2018 then, everyone.

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