Let's Feel Envious Looking At These Hot Images Of Flight Attendants And Their 'High' Life

11 January, 2017 at 16:50 | by Shivraj Jadhav

It is true that the life of flight attendants is not exactly fun, for there is a lot of dedication involved – the kind that would make the rest of us flip twice. Then again, there’s an exception to every rule. In fact, that is one of the rules about rules – there has to be an exception for all of them, somewhere in the world. Looks like we have found the one for flight attendants’ life’s being miserable and messed up. If you go to any social networking site and search for the hashtag #cabincrew, you’d find the images that would make you want to drool until your mouth is running dryer than the Sahara. Here, have a look. 

These people work for different airlines from around the world and flaunt their lifestyles every once in a while when they get a break from their schedules.

For example, here is Victoria Tuzranova who shows how fly her beach bod is, every time she is near the sea.

It is therefore no wonder that many of these people have parallel careers as models, fitness instructors and body-builders.

Or take for another example, Georgia Nielsen from Melbourne, who works for Emirates. She has amassed over 35,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her goddess looks and body.

Here is what she has to say about her job: “It can be hard work but the opportunities and experiences you get out of it far outweigh any negative sides and I am very lucky that I don't seem to have too much issue balancing everything out.  I try to make the most of days off by either going away for the night, or doing ridiculous things like flying to Monaco or Istanbul for dinner, which if I plan properly can cost less than going out for dinner in Dubai! Those sorts of experiences I just could never do living a normal 9-5 life in Australia, so I am extremely lucky.”

Now you’d think this is just limited to hot women wearing skimpy bikinis on their well-curved bodies, and that’s where you’d be wrong. Meet these men.


Brazilian pilot Hudson Sá has a very large female fan following, and that is kind of obvious given the fact that he is also a model with these chiselled looks.


Most of these guys have a side-career in body-building and fitness modelling.

Add to that all the travelling you get to do, and we don’t see one reason why these guys aren’t fortunate.

And this is me, third time in this month.

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