As most of us already know, in his recently released biography, Karan Joharr addressed the rumours surrounding his sexuality and said that he would be arrested if he opened up about it.

Needless to say, this created quite a buzz amongst fans and many of them. lauded him for making such a bold statement. 

Not Everyone's Happy!

However, it seems that the LGBTQ community is not too happy about his remarks. As it so happens, Pallav Patankar—who is an LGBTQ activist-- has slammed his comments and blamed him for ‘spreading fear’.

Not Everyone's Happy!

His Exact Words

"If an uneducated person in a remote Indian village comes and tells me that they are scared of coming out, I’d take it, but this coming from somebody with a stature as big as Karan’s, I feel let down. He should be coming out as an empowered and powerful individual, and actually, make a difference for those helpless people living in villages. People who were earlier considering coming out will now sit and think twice, worried that a FIR might be involved — but this is baseless. You won’t be arrested for coming out."

What's Your Take?

Well, it goes without saying these are some strong words and are likely to grab plenty of attention. Moreover, it will be worth watching how KJo deals with this situation. So, what’s your take on the issue? Please feel free to tell us in the space below.

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