'Coke Studio' Sensation Momina Just Made A Shocking Revelation About Her Personal Life

16 February, 2017 at 13:04 | by Roktim Rajpal

We hope that Momina is able to put this behind her.

As most of us know, a few months ago, the lovely Momina won the hearts of several music lovers thanks to her soul-stirring rendition of Afreen on Coke Studio 9. Thereafter, this heartthrob grabbed attention once again when she revealed that she was engaged to a banker named Ali Naqvi and liked him a lot.  


Now, in a shocking development, Momina is single again.  She recently took to twitter and confirmed that her engagement has been called off. Moreover, she stressed that it was a mutual decision

Her Exact Words

"Yes, our families have mutually agreed to call off the engagement. Earlier when the news broke, I requested everyone not to jump to conclusion and to not speak on my behalf on such a personal matter, and let me be the one to make the announcement when need be. No one gets engaged to have it called off, but sometimes things don’t go the way you would have wanted to or thought. Such is life. Fortunately, the best part of our life is that it goes on. It has to :) I would appreciate if no further speculations are made.”

Our Take

It goes without saying that this is a sad situation and we hope that Momina is able to put this behind her. It must also be said that she has handled the situation with tremendous maturity. Proud of you!

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