Charlie Hunnam Reveals Why He Doesn't Like Kissing Beautiful Actresses

17 March, 2017 at 16:34 | by Roktim Rajpal

He has made a juicy revelation.

Actor Charlie Hunnam, who is best known for his role in Sons of Anarchy, recently opened up about kissing his female co-stars on the big screen and made a revelation. The star said that he does not like locking lips with actresses and added that he is a ‘germophobe’.

His Exact Words

"I try to be sensitive to the fact that we’re doing something intimate, but also keep a clear boundary.

Because I’m in a very committed relationship, and I’m also cognizant that it’s not my girlfriend’s favourite part of my job. It’s a delicate balance to strike — to be emotionally open enough to have an experience that feels honest between two people but also maintain that it’s just for the film. It’s not my favourite thing to do. I’m also a germophobe.

I don’t want to kiss anyone but my girlfriend for my whole life. … The point is, everyone thinks it’s great to be an actor and get to kiss a bunch of beautiful actresses in films, but I actually hate it.”


We must say, this is a sweet revelation and introduces us to the softer side of Charlie’s personality. He isn’t a naughty guy, after all.

So, did you like the revelation?

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Source: Hook Mag

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