Bhim Naroula Is Back With A Song That Will Make You Pull Out Your Hair, One By One

17 May, 2017 at 16:41 | by Chaitra Saxena

Nepal’s Bhim Niroula is back with a new song and this time he will make sure that you gouge your own eyes out and admit yourself to a mental hospital.

If you still didn't remember who this guy is, let us help you. "Start humming the lyrics, Sunday morning love you, Monday morning love you......" and watch the song below.

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Over confidence?

If you are still alive and won't mind some more forced entertainment, here's prsenting Bimal Naroula's latest production. You have to agree that this man has some guts to make such videos and hope that people will watch. And ironically people do watch, although for completely different reasons.

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Ok, now that you have survived both the songs, go ahead and tag your friends to this post and watch them roll on the floor in agony. Trust us, this can be your best revenge.

*Rolling on the floor in pain* *bleeding ears*

For more info on this talented man, read this.

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